What Can Data Say: Uncovering Relations among Chinese Elites

Chinese politics, despite a growing amount of data available, is not becoming an easy subject to study. With challenges China faces mounting, Xi Jinping is consolidating power in his own hands, smashing the status-quo with the hammer of the anti-corruption campaign. Under these circumstances, what kind of relations there are between top elite members? Are […]

Understanding a New Era in Russia-China Relations

Since mid–late 1990s for several decades Russia-China relations were largely seen in the West as either a tactical move by Moscow and Beijing in the hope of strengthening their positions in dialogue with the US or as an “axis of convenience”, lacking solid basis, especially in economic dimension. Western experts usually assert that sooner or […]

Chinas Belt and Road Initiative – Europas geopolitische Herausforderung des 21. Jahrhunderts

„Wir wollen die Seidenstraßeninitiative vorantreiben, so dass die Menschen auf der ganzen Welt davon profitieren […]. Wir wollen eine Straße des Friedens schaffen.“ So die Botschaft von Chinas Präsidenten Xi Jinping in seiner Eröffnungsrede anlässlich des „One Belt, One Road Gipfels“ am 14. Mai 2017 in Peking an anwesenden Vertreter aus 110 Ländern, darunter 28 […]

Armenia–China: Strategic Partnership for Mutual Benefits

Armenia and China are both among the ancient civilizations of human history. They share millennia of mutual contacts via the ancient Silk Road. However, history is not the only thing which unites the two nations. Both Armenians and Chinese put enormous emphasis on protecting their national identities and traditions. Of course, it does not mean […]

Russia Is Ours

Anton Shekhovtsov, Expert, European Platform for Democratic Elections; Associate Research Fellow, Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation (Ukraine)   In his manifesto published in the beginning of March 2019, French President Emmanuel Macron called for a renewal of the project of a united Europe based on the ideas of freedom, protection of the continent, and progress.[1] Speaking […]

The Return of the Authoritarian International

The relationship between Russia and China is the most important example of the phenomenon that can be described as increasing alignment between America’s key strategic challengers. The United States and its allies in Europe and elsewhere face the difficult task of protecting a global order that is being tested in multiple regions at once, and […]

Die strategische Trojka: USA, China und Russland im Jahr 2018

Aus dem Englischen von Alexander Dubowy Die Beziehungen zwischen USA, China und Russland, als den drei führenden Militärmächten der Welt, werden 2018 von zunehmender Komplexität gekennzeichnet sein. Dies ist insbesondere aufgrund der wachsenden Entfremdung zwischen den USA und Russland, der starke militärische Komponente aufweisenden chinesisch-russischen „Entente“ sowie einer auf zahlreichen Ebenen kompetitiver werdenden Beziehung zwischen […]