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ISP Working Paper | What to expect from another “milestone” election in Georgia

In less than a month, parliamentary elections will be held in Georgia. After the volatile events of the last summer (the so-called Gavrilov Crisis – mass protests following the visit of the Russian parliamentary delegation and the crack-down on the rally), it was widely believed that the ruling party was doomed for a defeat. Thus, […]

Vienna Talks “Georgia-Russia-West Triangle, Shared and Conflicting Interests” – A New Hope?

The Russo-Georgian relations are even more complicated than it looks at first glance. There are no diplomatic ties between these two countries which makes the Georgian case indeed unique since even Ukraine has not broken off diplomatic relations with Moscow. At the same time ordinary Russians and Georgians normally show respect for each other and […]

The Gavrilov Crisis

Just about a week ago Georgia looked like just another post-Soviet country with its democracy in decline as its ruling party had all branches of power and most of the media sources under tight control. The economy almost stagnated with only tourism industry showing signs of growth, mostly at the expense of the Russian tourists. […]

Georgia at a Glance

Georgia, a country once hailed as the regional champion of reforms, now looks rather like a just another post-Soviet republic. At the same time Georgia’s foreign policy has become more mature and balanced, taking into account recent shifts in balance of power, first of all the resurgent Russia. Domestic politics – business as usual In […]